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After many years of unread blog entries about the thrills and spills of C#, ITIL and business analysis it finally dawned on me to blog about something that might actually be interesting. Well to me at least. So as of today I’m going to start blogging about my adventures with my Sony a57 DSLR (SLT actually), my new (old) Minolta x-300 film SLR, and an occasionally annoyingly satisfactory photo taken by my Google Nexus mobile phone. 

Here’s a photo of Dundee to get started


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Scrum next?

My job moves on a little, finding myself falling into a scrum master role. I’ve worked within that environment for a number of years but normally I’ve been supporting the scrum master and PM rather than having any part in the planning and management of the backlog.

Scrum ebooks downloaded and ready to read. Perhaps I need to do certification too?

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Nearly there… IS Project Management: check

So with Project Management course done (and rather good actually),  that’s the last of the four modules for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. What remains is the oral exam now booked for beginning of March: so about a month to re-learn everything done so far, and the rest of the book.


UPDATE: March not booked it seems, so watch this space. Not too long I hope.

I wonder if you get letters after your name…?


UPDATE UPDATE: The date is set: 18th of May in Edinburgh. Better get revising.

Dunno about letters but I’ve a year’s free membership of the BCS.

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BCS Modelling Business Processes


Project Management in a couple of weeks and if all going well then the oral early next year. Clear that hurdle and I’ll have the BCS International Diploma In Business Analysis. Nice.

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The overlap of 3 or 4

An interesting article I read in LinkedIn (well a Slideshare) that showed how UI is just a part of UX. What I also noticed was how many of the non-UI activities in UX looked rather like business analysis activities. Here’s an article by a BA who has a nice couple of figures showing how UX and BA activities overlap: The BA-UX Continuum. You could argue that project management would blend of the BA role – purists might disagree but the reality in smaller teams is that BAs and PMs do.


UI > UX > BA > PM. Not sure I understand this completely but try it.

Just to update, BA course, second module, Requirements Engineering: 83% and bagged! Probably the PM module next, but not until September I think.


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BAP in the bag

Step 1 (of 5) to get Diploma in Business Analysis (that will take about a year to complete in all) – done: I now have BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice.

Tomorrow is Step 2 exam – BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering.

Meanwhile, working on a revamp of ZingCOBOL (now about 15 years old) – so installed Drupal and starting to transfer content across (while learning how to use Drupal):


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