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Photographic Art

Holiday thinking time

Soon I’ll be off to southern France for a couple of weeks (so prepare for unmoderated forum [lol]). How I will cope with being away from the net (forums, email etc..) I know not. However, it’s good to take a […]

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Waiting for Google

So this, FWDX and the Freelance Forum have been up for a while but still no Google PR. I know these things take time but surely Google has spotted me by now. I think MSN search like me. Type in […]

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Conversion rates….

…or lack of herein. The conversion rate of a web site is a measure of how many visitors actually do what what you want them to do when they visit your site. Amazon want you to buy something, at the […]

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Google world

I read that Google are filing a patent in the US for their latest search algorithm that determines the “truth” of a news story based on a number of factors such as “amount of important coverage produced by a source, […]

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Adding more articles

I’ve added: An introduction to relational databases to the XFWDX site. Now I realise I’ll also need an introduction to SQL go along with it. And probably database connection, querying and manipulation using ASP and PHP. That work needing done […]

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SEO addition

So I’ve added a couple of articles on the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO). One SEO article is about basic SEO techniques that can be applied to the web site that you’re building. The other article is about using […]

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