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Adding more articles

I’ve added: An introduction to relational databases to the XFWDX site. Now I realise I’ll also need an introduction to SQL go along with it. And probably database connection, querying and manipulation using ASP and PHP.

That work needing done aside, I think a useful and relatively urgent think to get done is to collect a pile of good related links, like W3C Schools, DevGuru, ZenCSSGarden, and so on. Get them catagorised. This will also mean I’ll have to restructure the Resources page. Catagories will just have to link to the list of links and articles for each. Nice if I could do this dynamically. And that makes me think I ought to have the links themselves stored in the database with the admin option of adding/editing etc… There just isn’t enough hours in the day!!

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SEO addition

So I’ve added a couple of articles on the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO). One SEO article is about basic SEO techniques that can be applied to the web site that you’re building. The other article is about using linking to improve SEO of your site (like I just did there – did you spot it?).

Still working building up the freelance web design forum (I just did it again!!).

In the meantime I need to get back to working on Maerex medical web design site, a VB.NET web application I’ve been working on for a while but has had to take a bit of a back seat lately.

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A list of things to come

I need to draw up a list of things to place into the resources section of the FWDX site. In fact it need organising into sections – subject: links (external resources), articles, tutorials.

Subjects with no entry: ASP, CSS, databases, HTML, PHP, SEO.

The easiest thing would be to at least get the links in. As for articles, I suppose I’ll just start at the top and work down. ASP here we come…

On a general design point, I just can’t stick the css scroll window. I think, to enhance readability I’ll have to get the exended content sections to run down the page, and brighten the background a little. Don’t want to give users a headache.

Lastly, heaven knows when I’ll get a PR but I suppose, once the site looks reasonable filled I can start bother folks for a link swaps.

Anyway, on with some work.

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Getting the word out

So it’s all sitting here, admittedly waiting for more significant content, so what I need is some people to come along, contribute, register, whatever.

And that’s the thorny issue: how do I get more traffic? I’m moving around a couple forums to at least get the links visible but at the end of the day, as ever, content is king. To get visitors to come, and come back again, then there needs to be some reason to be here. So more content: articles, links to useful sites, and some good forum posts to get the keyboards a-clickin’.

So if you are here (and been round the other sites [see the links on the right]) then bear with me and call again to see what’s been added, and get posting on the forum. It’s small so it’ll be friendly.

On the subject of forums, I posted to www.asp.net forum. It’s so busy that you post can disappear over the horizon within an hour. Yeah, loads of people to help but if they don’t see it in time your question’s lost. And it’s not much like a happy family.

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Getting connected

From a post on the forum was mention of a Glasgow Web Design Meeting (via meetup.com) that sounds like a great thing to get involved in. I don’t think it’s running at the moment but as and when it does I’d like to get involved. Interation with other designer/developers is always a goo thing, especially as my wife’s eyes glaze over whenever I start talking about about all things webbie.

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And now to start writing…

The Xerxiam concept grows. First the portfolio site (perhaps in need of a little design upgrading), the Freelance Web Design Exchange, the Freelance Web Design Forum, and now this, Xeream (pronounced ‘zer-reem’), the Xerxiam associated blog. To be an effective blog I’ll need to keep the entries relevant to freelance web design.

I had coded my own blog site (in PHP) but in the end I realised that the WordPress version available on my host is a heck of a lot better than the mini version I wrote.

Just one thing to end with: what, you ask, does ‘Xeream’ mean? In fact what about ‘Xerxiam’? Well, Xerxiam was generated by an online word generator (you just gave it some letters and it produced a list of invented words). As for Xeream, well some time ago myself and a colleague spend an afternoon trying to think up a name for a medical/scientific web site. The result was Maerex (now Maerex Medical Web Design, a .NET app I’m developing. Anyway, Maerex backwards is Xeream. Er…that’s it.

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