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In the lounge!

I’m in the lounge and writing this. It took a while and I’ll need to sort out the encryption but hey!! Hey!! Try this with a ZX81.

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Going wireless

Having just purchased a new laptop (with lots of bells and whistles, including Centrino wireless connectivity), my next purchase was a wireless router. Hopefully not too complex and installation process but we shall see. I’ll write my next post with a cup of coffee from the garden (or upstairs bedroom is weather inclement) assuming all goes simple pimple.

π2.011 continues to be built. Have the thumbnails, pop up previews and download products all on the server. Now it’s just the tedious task of adding all the data to the db get get it all visible. The online payment seems to be set up fine for UK credit card payments (using NOCHEX) but still haven’t figured out how to get PayPal to work. Also, I’ve only prepared one graphic (a web template) for download. These are more complex as they have to be made of properly labelled layers in Photoshop, converted to TIFF format, and then zipped for download.

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Getting online payments

pi2011 continues. Signed up to a couple of internet merchants (PayPal for non-uk customers, NoChex for uk customers). Once rolling then I can start selling online content. That’ll mean getting the images in a fit state for selling. Slowly but surely.

What does π2.011 actually mean you ask…? Aahhhh…

Well on a 8 or 10 digit scientific calculator, π (3.1415….) to the power of 2.011465868 comes to 10. Of course this is rounded to a whole figure. Try typing pi^2.011465868 into Google, it’ll give 10.

So what? Nothing really. Just thought an arty site should be a little pretensious, and I guess “π2.011” is. So now you know anyway.

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The build starts

Like I haven’t enough to do, I’ve started on the photo site, now online (but not doing much) at http://pi2011.xerxiam.com. So there’s a home page, and then pages for Photography, Graphics, Art and a link to the xerxiam web design page. Not completely sure about the banner graphics just yet but it’s something to be getting along with while I build the php scripts and build the database. I’ve no idea how I’ll set up payment systems for the checkout (PayPal I guess) but I’ll get to that. Certainly plenty of room on the server for big images. I probably should generate some opinion from the forums, though I’ll wait till the db is running (tracking data, building the basket etc..).

Noticed I’ve a Google PR4 for XerXiam, and PR3 for FWDX and Forum sites. That’s nice (though unsuprisingly no PR for Xeream).

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Back with new ideas

About week into my holiday in the beautiful Languedoc Rousillion countryside inspiration hits me: for the FWDX site a directory for users and a place for anyone to offer jobs (for no charge). The other is to extend the watercolour art site to have photography and graphics templates that can be downloaded (for a fee). HAve name for this site too….wait for it…..[drum roll]….. π2.011 (that’s meant to be a greek letter pi). Da da!

Let’s get building…

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Stiff competition

While checking the web-related forums it has become apparent that there are a lot (and I mean a heck of a lot) of forums for webmasters. My guess is that uses of these forums are not particularly loyal (I certainly have moved around) but ultimately they aren’t going to switch if there’s nothing doing at XerXiam.

The only real thing I can do is get content and news. “News! What!!?”. I know, where am I going to get that from. And the time? And just how useful can the articles be?

Well, there’s something to be getting on with. I’m away for a couple of weeks so it’ll have to wait.

Au revoir!

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