I’m an IT Business analyst, Communications Consultant, web designer and developer with knowledge and experience in the various associated technologies (HTML, CSS, C#/ASP.Net/Visual Studio, SQL Server, JavaScript, PHP, graphics [Photoshop], CMS [DotNetNuke]) though don’t code much these days, my role more as the link between the development team and the customer. I also have an interests IT service management, ISO 20k, and project management. My work relates to medical education using e-portfolios and e-learning and represents a further strand of interest. I used to be a scientist so developments in the world of molecular biology and leukaemia research may still catch my eye.

This blog is written on the basis that there probably isn’t anyone reading it, but if you are then good luck to you. The reason I sporadically write this is as a means of thinking through what I’m doing and perhaps reflecting on it. It’s good to reflect you know.