So updated web site. Now I get a new laptop – Dell Latitude D630 with 4 GB of RAM (!!) with XP, so fast as you could hope for (at least until the OS gets filled up with rubbish). Then I download Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 (the pre-release essentaily) and it’s pretty darn good. I think all the ePortfolio developers should use this and when it’s finally released we can go buy it.

One the new bits is Linq – a standard way to query data, be it SQL, XML, ADO dataset, even a stored array. The Linq “query” looks pretty much like a backwards SQL query (“select something from tbl_data where x > y”). Linq would be more like “from tbl_data where x > y select something”. To be honest I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to find a tutorial I can remotely understand, certainly for getting a Linq SQL query. Once I find something and get it working I’ll get it posted here, (or at least into 404iki). Wish me luck.

BTW, redesign well received from forum reviewers so pleased about that. Just a couple to minor things pointed out that need changing.