In the month since taking possession of the R6 and 4 film have been shot and processed (XP2, HP5, XP2, XP2). Now developed, tickled in Photoshop, and into Flickr.

Roll 1 – A number taken on Dumgoyne – a steep hill north of Glasgow – nice sunny day. Very happy this the results: the camera works! Exposures look good, no sign of light leaks.

See the gallery: Mono #7

Roll 2 – Down to Northumberland and bright, cloudless day at Dunstanburgh Castle. Last time I was there is was foggy and dark. Now the weather’s too good, so difficult to get the moody dark images I was hoping for. The photos, on development, seemed a bit light leaky? Or perhaps more likely (given previous and the next 2 films were clean) this was a processing artefact.

See the gallery : Mono #8

Roll 4 and 5 – Back yet again to Barcelona. very happy with the results:

See the gallery: Barcelona 2018

Still to come are the Nikon F3 photos taken in the evening using Tmax P3200 but will discuss in a different post

Right now the R6 has Fomapan 400 so let’s see how that works out.

I’ve hardly taken an digital images in the last month. Film has me captivated. When I do pick up the A57 it’s the cropped sensor that seems the oddity of going back. I sense this is ultimately leading me towards a replacement (perhaps next year when I can afford it) a Sony a7 full frame mirrorless digital camera.