Out for meal last night with some friends and I start talking about how I want to get a Leica for my birthday, and that I’ve just bought a Holga, and I’ve been unsuccessfully bidding on eBay for Minolta X-700’s and X-500’s (luckily so since my  X-300 is perfectly good) when Gus says “Oh I have a Nikon F3 in my drawer gathering dust, do you want it?”

Do bears take their ablutions in forested regions? And look what got dropped round this morning:

So now my film SLR camera list is getting rather long. Once the Leica arrives (in May) what will I do with all these cameras? I thought (until today) that the Minolta could be reserved just for colour film. I may still stick with that, but what do I do with two top-rated pro cameras?

My only thought is that I will get a feel for each and, when about to go out on an expedition I look at both and think… hmm, today feels like the  _____ will be the best camera for this. Meanwhile my wife thinks I’m losing my mind, or having some sort of mid-life crisis taking an unhealthy interest in vintage cameras. But that’s true, and doesn’t solve my problem.

Oh, and to make matters worse, I’ve started thinking about a Sony α7 ii as an eventual replacement for my α57. Like I have £700 to spare….