Last week I got a delivery from eBay: a Holga 120N (a snip at £15) in essentially new condition. I’d already purchased a roll of Hp5+ 120 film so immediately got it loaded up and ready to take some nice big medium format images.

A couple of images already taken, but with only 12 in a roll (rather than take the 16 option) I need to think carefully about what to photograph. And goodness knows what images I’ll get out this plastic lens toy camera. I still have film in the Brownie (and this takes larger negatives in fact, with just 8 on a roll) but it really needs better light (i.e. Summer). Moving forward I don’t really see myself using the Brownie now that I have the Holga (assuming quality isn’t too bad) – the problem with the Brownie being, not only is it larger, I can’t be bothered having to re-spool 120 film onto a 620 spindle. The Holga is very light (being that it’s engineer from the finest Chinese injection moulded plastic) and easy to throw in a ruck sack on any trip out.

Looking forward to seeing the results.