I plucked up the courage and developed 2 rolls of colour film, one a old film found at the back of a drawer with “Exposed?” written on it, and the other, out of date random colour film from Supaprints or something. that I’d loaded into the Minolta in November.

Compared to black and white development, colour is much trickier. Having made up the dilutions of solutions in the BelliniFoto C-41 kit, the problem was mainly trying to ensure the solutions were at 38oC. The chemicals are rather nastier too, so extra care needed too.

I went through the process and I have a feeling the developer wasn’t warm enough, and the bleach step may have overrun (I’m not sure of the effect of these problems) but when done I still had colour negatives that were scannable but look perhaps dark and underdeveloped?

The recently shot expired film appeared to be lacking green. As a result, the images were quite pinky-blue. The statue below (in Dundee) is a cupric green but not now.

To calm things down I needed to tweak things in Photoshop: de-saturate a little and add a subtle green tint. The result still have a nice, expired filmic quality but a little less nauseating.

Before you ask, no the lack green wasn’t a byproduct the development process. The other roll of film was only partly exposed and consisted of images taken in 2003, mainly of my kids, but here’s one of a younger me – with green. Ha!