A few years ago my great Aunty Dorothy (sadly no longer with us) gave me an old Kodak Brownie 6-twenty C (aka Box Brownie) that her husband (great Uncle Harry, who had died in the late 70s) had bought in a jumble sale. With the camera were 2 rolls of 620 black and white Kodak Verichrome Pan that had expired in September 1975.

Till now I had been unsure how to load the camera, what I would photograph, and how I would get it developed. However, since I have started developing my own film I felt empowered to load the camera (super-easy, but thank you people on YouTube) and take some photos around Glasgow and Troon (all 8 exposures you get from a film). The results are in the Box Brownie gallery but here’s a sample:

Troon Beach

As you can see, the results weren’t great but nonetheless had an unexpectedness that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) emulate in Photoshop. My guess is that the film was not in a good state after 42 years but I have also at least question whether the development process was ideal: an internet search for Rodinal on Verichrome gave one recipe of 10 mins 1:50 which I increased to 11 mins since the film was old (total guess work). The other problem is that the larger medium format negative wouldn’t fit into my film scanner so I had to scan using my old Epson Perfection scanner – not bad, but not brilliant either.

Another film to use and not sure how to use it. I have a trip to Northumberland next month so tempted to bring it along if I can get to Dunstanburgh.