One of my kids found a piece of pottery on a beach in the west of Scotland (overlooking the Sound of Jura, if you’re interested). On this fragment was the worn letters “C4”. So naturally wanted to use this somewhere. I like to work names backwards (not literally, of course, except for Xeream, which is Maerex backwards) and this was it… C4 is short for “Core-04i”.

What’s that then?

Core-04i (and C4 for short) is the CMS system I’ve been working on (in ASP on Access DB). All working nicely. I pulled together the template from the KL Music initial build in about 2 hours (excluding the time doing the graphics) and that did include refactoring the CSS to a standard inverted L layout. So why re-invent the wheel. Plone, phpNuke and the others are far more features packed so why build such a simple CMS site? The answer is because simplicity is exactly what I wanted. A brief for a job asked for an extensive CMS. I looked around and considered MediaWiki and PHPNuke. In both cases I found applying my own layout was tricky and constricting, and the skill required by the user to add/edit content not very easy.

What I wanted was to build a site as I’ve done in the past, but allow the client/registered users to edit virtually every page, add new pages, modify the menu and so on. I get have the job of building a bespoke with any required add-ons exactly how I want it, and then simply drop the content in with a in the right place.

The next steps are:

  1. Update the Maerex system to build a site like this automatically (ASP.NET project)
  2. Build a PHP version

Meantime, I’ll keep staring at the KL Music site and wonder how can I make yellow look nice…