Today I reached 100 followers on Instagram (that shortly afterwards dropped back to 98, such as things go when followed by follow-whores), so quite pleased with myself. I’ve been steadily adding my images from Flickr, some perhaps a little old (any marked as #nikon as taken by my Coolpix 500 prior to 2008).

What’s interesting is the images that I personally think are better often aren’t the ones that get loads of likes. It’s difficult to analyse though since the choice of has tag can really influence things. For example, I posted an photo of a fishing trailer (off the coast of Skye) and within 30 mins it had over 35 likes. Looking at who the likers were revealed a large number of anglers and other fishing types.

The top 5 chart of liked images is as follows (as of today at least):

1. Fishing trawler (45)

2. Gasometer (44)

=3. Maryhill flats (38)

=3. Campsie Hill (38)

=3. MNAC Interior (38)

Monochromes seem to score best, and film is popular.

Now that I’ve pretty much exhausted the old stock I’m not forced to keep producing new photos to feed the beast – so I great driver for productivity.

Gasometer to see more