Further to my ruminations about the impending CMS (not that I’ve heard back from them yet – perhaps the quote was too high, even though it was actually too low, even allowing for tax), I’ve started to noodle around with some simple scripts to try get an easy way to generate a link and to insert an image. Based on the way MediaWiki does it, I’ve come up with adding a link like this:

[[http://www.google.com=A link to Google]] which gets parsed to A link to Google.

For images: {{image_name}} parsed to <img xsrc=”imagename.jpg” mce_src=”imagename.jpg” title=”alt text” alt=”alt text” > where the name of the file and it’s alt text are stored in the db when the pic was uploaded by the user. Ding dong!

And the good bit is you can mix them like this


I haved quite figured out how to reverse parse the html back into the above format (for editing) but anything is possible. I hope.

However, in the planning process it’s becoming apparent that virtually the entire site will be shown on the single index.asp page (though there’d be a good few SSI’s in high directories). I like the idea of that. This should be an interesting build.