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Potatoes ain’t what they used to be

A day in Fife. Leaving Glasgow at 7am in the rain and darkness it was little wonder that I didn’t think to throw the camera into the boot of the car. By the time I’d reached the Kincardine bridge the sun was out and I was regretting me forgetfulness. It got worse as we walked up Tentsmuir beach and all I had in my pocket was my Nexus 5x phone.

A quick history lesson. My first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix which had a mighty 5 Mp; this was replaced by a Sony alpha 200 with 10.2 Mp. A some point during this time I also had various mobile phones with cameras ranging from 1 to 3 Mp. And yes, they took horrible, forgettable photos (and were thus dubbed a potato).

Times appeared to have changed, my Nexus has a 12.3 Mp camera and it takes annoyingly satisfactory images (at least, until the battery ran out).

The lens is not going to be great but the software does a lot to make the end result impressive. The odd thing is that it takes images at about 27mm focal length and yet there’s no barrelling effect that you’d see from a normal, grown up lens. Not sure if this is physics or corrective software, but the horizon in the photo below is dead straight. How’s that then?

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