Excited today – I finished my first roll of black and white film from the Minolta (about 3 months to get through it all) – developed at Jessops – and came straight home and scanned all 36. 

So there were images, and most of them were in focus, had a reasonable looking exposure and some were even quite good (or rather, not bad). However there was an issue with the scanner in so far as it needs to be dusted ever few images or so (I’d just run the entire roll, uncut, through the machine). I also need to be more careful with the settings to get the levels right when scanning. So no harm done, I just need to re-scan the better shots. 

Pineapple and dust

As can be seen, perfectly good image but needs re-scanning after a bit of a clean up. Note that the above hasn’t been touched by Photoshop or anything else, so pretty happy to get this one straight out of the camera. (I have a similar shot I did with the DSLR at the same time, so will compare in a later post). 

Overall then, not unhappy at all, I just need to get used to working with different, new equipment.