Quite pleased with myself…I’ve been using a method of loading content into container pages using either content from a database or from files in a subfolder (as SSI’s). Trouble is the url in the address bar looks ugly, and is not much fun to remember. This sounds like a job for .htaccess. Here you can rewrite the incoming url and (using regular expressions) convert it into a full url (that the user doesn’t see). As a result, rather than having to have:
http://www.404i.com/xerx_subpage.php?target=services (oh dear!) you can use:
http://www.404i.com/services (much better!)

The thing is that most of the places where I use this a subpage is on ASP on Windows Servers. As far as I understand, .htaccess and mod_rewrite functions are only available on Apache servers. Mmmm. Hoping the forums come up with a solution.

I’ll keep you informed – looks like something else for the FWDX resources once solved.