So it’s all sitting here, admittedly waiting for more significant content, so what I need is some people to come along, contribute, register, whatever.

And that’s the thorny issue: how do I get more traffic? I’m moving around a couple forums to at least get the links visible but at the end of the day, as ever, content is king. To get visitors to come, and come back again, then there needs to be some reason to be here. So more content: articles, links to useful sites, and some good forum posts to get the keyboards a-clickin’.

So if you are here (and been round the other sites [see the links on the right]) then bear with me and call again to see what’s been added, and get posting on the forum. It’s small so it’ll be friendly.

On the subject of forums, I posted to forum. It’s so busy that you post can disappear over the horizon within an hour. Yeah, loads of people to help but if they don’t see it in time your question’s lost. And it’s not much like a happy family.