How times change, once upon a time I used to spend all my days writing code, querying the db, formatting data from a record set, blah blah. I miss it a bit, but not entirely. These days I’m not anyway near the code base in the day job (I’ll leave that for the .Net pros to deal with), but I occasionally get to play with the styles and layout.

The latest wheeze to keep me busy is developing/implementing ITIL/ISO 20000 processes with a view to getting ISO accreditation. Drawing the flow charts is fine, but you have to be able to implement them.

Anyway, just to note I wrote this on an iPad… How modern am I? Not sure it handles WordPress so well, but typing seems quick enough.

Quatrmark work still to do. Really need a 100% satisfactory and scalable site before even thinking about taking it out into the world, meantime time is ticking and someone will twig this…