It looks likely that the ePortfolio system that I work with as my day job is to be steered towards using the MVC 3 Framework. This complex .Net web app has been built as a 3-tier web forms but the increasing disveristy of user-requirements has meant that the move over to the use of MVC to deliver these differences to the user. With this change in mind I’ve started to spend a good part of my time trying to get up to speed with what MVC actually is, and how it works. It’s still early doors but even already I’m aware of one significant advantage as far as my role in any development work (and it’s minimal these days) and that is MVC gives you your html back. Gone are horrendous view state blobs of code, subverted element ids, page-sized forms and other things that make your normal .Net web page work. As one of my colleagues described it, it’s a bit like going back to in-line classic ASP where you fitted the dynamic coded elements in amongst the page’s html. The difference is that MVC gives you proper n-tier architecture and non of the nightmarish spagetti code that classic ASP provided.

I don’t anticipate my time spent developing is going to increase at all, but where I do find myself needing to improve the UI at least I can just worry about html now (and look into html5 options to boot) and that has to be a good thing.

I’m still only in the foothills of MVC learning but the weather looks good and I should get some nice views as I start to ascend, even if I don’t reach the summit [that’s enough climbing analogies – Ed].