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Rubic’s cube: solving it as a process

The Rubic’s cube is 40 this year, a puzzle that to many people seems to be the play thing of maths geniuses and the friendless. I can solve a cube in about 2 to 3 minutes and I’m certainly no […]

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And then there’s everything else to do

The inevitable delays start arriving in the form of too many other things to do and risk losing momentum on this project. Two issues are in my mind that need to be made aware of in order to avoid the […]

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Request: more hours in the day please

The inevitable happens and other duties get in the way of The Plan. Despite setting aside 50% of my time to ITIL work somehow this amount of time never quite fully materialises. Of course there are days where more than […]

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Week one, Phase one, moving on

Creating documentation for grade 1 processes (the ones where if we are doing it I know nothing about it and here’s where we start) has been instructive. For each item (such as Service Level Management) it mostly entails going through […]

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Off and running

Great plans never quite work out they way you expect. Having devised a brilliant and perfectly formed plan to get ITIL processes gradually up to speed I immediately fell behind on day 1 by forgetting that I was taking day […]

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Get with the plan…

So following the maturity assessment I now have about 20 processes that are to be made into fully functioning ITIL processes, some are level 2 (see my previous post), more are level 1, many are level 0. And none are […]

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