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Evening indoors

It happens when at 11 at night you suddenly want to start taking photos. I can’t be bothered getting the tripod out so what do I do that’s not going to have camera shake, even with all the lights on. […]

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Back to the books

Time to put together a new Cityscape book on Blurb I think – 2 years of Barcelona pics to choose from. Meantime, a quick re-sell of the Miami book: Go on, buy it!!

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Published on paper

To get the most out of you photography I always find that having the image on a physical piece of paper is so much more satisfying then seeing it on a screen, even of it’s quite big. Printing the odd […]

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Flickr added

I added a flickr API to this blog so my next task it to try set up a gallery section of this blog. Wish me luck!

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