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Published on paper

To get the most out of you photography I always find that having the image on a physical piece of paper is so much more satisfying then seeing it on a screen, even of it’s quite big. Printing the odd […]

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Re-design, again-ish

The ePortfolio site I designed and was implemented approaching 3 years ago is rapidly in need of freshing up. Even in the intervening years the site stats (via Google analytics) haven’t shown much of a change in browser usage – […]

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Forwards and back: MVC

It looks likely that the ePortfolio system that I work with as my day job is to be steered towards using the MVC 3 Framework. This complex .Net web app has been built as a 3-tier web forms but the […]

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Catching up

Today I started reading through the latest edition of Net magazine; it’s been a while since I last read this and things have move on a little in the world of web design and development. The most significant changes relate […]

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The big move

After my hosting woes I thought I may as well go to a free blogging service – and WordPress.com fitted the bill nicely. I’ve had to lose my nice Elastic Elephant graphic but the standard skin is just fine. I’ve […]

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Fasthosts: rotten miserable sods – hope they go bust!!

Thinking about a cheap hosting provider – don’t choose Fasthosts.co.uk as they’ve made me rather unhappy. I think it’s unreasonable to automatically renew a hosting account and take payment without any  prior warning. They did and now I’m stuck with […]

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