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Getting the word out

So it’s all sitting here, admittedly waiting for more significant content, so what I need is some people to come along, contribute, register, whatever. And that’s the thorny issue: how do I get more traffic? I’m moving around a couple […]

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Getting connected

From a post on the forum was mention of a Glasgow Web Design Meeting (via meetup.com) that sounds like a great thing to get involved in. I don’t think it’s running at the moment but as and when it does […]

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And now to start writing…

The Xerxiam concept grows. First the portfolio site (perhaps in need of a little design upgrading), the Freelance Web Design Exchange, the Freelance Web Design Forum, and now this, Xeream (pronounced ‘zer-reem’), the Xerxiam associated blog. To be an effective […]

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Welcome to the First Entry

So here it is. The Xeream blog, associated with Xerxiam Freelance Exchange, Forum, and Design Services. Building a real empire here. Just need some people to get involved!

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