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When are you converted?

Just some thoughts regarding the concept of conversion, i.e. the moment when you go to a web site and do the thing they want you to do. Quite what that is depends on the site of course: Amazon want you […]

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Bootstrap bootcamp

Sometimes you hear a short comment between 2 developers along the lines of “there’s a good tutorial about bootstrap at …” and having no clue as to what they were talking about (not unusual these days) I gave it no […]

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ePortfolio Analytics: what to do with it all that data?

Recently I was at a conference (AMEE 2012) in Lyon on the subject of education in medicine and the healthcare professions where I presented an analysis of web usage data derived from Google Analytics and from a snap-shot (96 hours) […]

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Return to HTML 5

After reading a short article about HTML 5 (http://t.co/L9yVHEm7) and learning of it’s increasing use as a means of not only producing feature-rich web pages but also for creating apps that can run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. […]

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Back to the books

Time to put together a new Cityscape book on Blurb I think – 2 years of Barcelona pics to choose from. Meantime, a quick re-sell of the Miami book: Go on, buy it!!

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Process process process

How times change, once upon a time I used to spend all my days writing code, querying the db, formatting data from a record set, blah blah. I miss it a bit, but not entirely. These days I’m not anyway […]

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