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Back to code: hello to VS 2012 and MVC 4

My exposure to coding is limited these days, as part of my day job at least. I still knock out the odd bit of c# as part of a windows app form generating a data extract that exceeds my SQL […]

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Return to HTML 5

After reading a short article about HTML 5 (http://t.co/L9yVHEm7) and learning of it’s increasing use as a means of not only producing feature-rich web pages but also for creating apps that can run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. […]

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Vertical button

Just a bit of Friday fun, but how about a vertical button? Have a look at this page (opens in a new window). The code: input.s1 { width:120px; height:30px; writing-mode:tb-rl; -webkit-transform:rotate(90deg); -moz-transform:rotate(90deg); -o-transform: rotate(90deg); } This button goes up and […]

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Process process process

How times change, once upon a time I used to spend all my days writing code, querying the db, formatting data from a record set, blah blah. I miss it a bit, but not entirely. These days I’m not anyway […]

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Re-design, again-ish

The ePortfolio site I designed and was implemented approaching 3 years ago is rapidly in need of freshing up. Even in the intervening years the site stats (via Google analytics) haven’t shown much of a change in browser usage – […]

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Forwards and back: MVC

It looks likely that the ePortfolio system that I work with as my day job is to be steered towards using the MVC 3 Framework. This complex .Net web app has been built as a 3-tier web forms but the […]

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