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Development at home – the first run

The original plan was to set up a dark room and develop and print my own film. Not sure about the printing bit, but development is now been achieved. Like true scientist I kept notes, recorded the procedure and the […]

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Successfully Revisiting an Old Shot

Back in 2005 we went on a family holiday to France (20 miles west of Carcassonne). One evening the kids took a walk through the wheat fields on the farm where we were staying; the farmer encouraged them to pick […]

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Pic of the week

Looking at the very excellent Black and White Photography Magazine (link) I was inspired to try a darker looking still life image. Taking a fairly ordinary looking shot of a pineapple lying on it side (using a ring flash) it turning […]

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The Instagram Compulsion

Today I reached 100 followers on Instagram (that shortly afterwards dropped back to 98, such as things go when followed by follow-whores), so quite pleased with myself. I’ve been steadily adding my images from Flickr, some perhaps a little old […]

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MONO ONE out now – but only 30 will be sold

The first selection of my black and white photography, mono one, is now available to buy from Blurb.com. Click on the link below to see a full preview. mono one By Timothy R P Brown It’s limited to just 30 and […]

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Artist’s Model – Wood versus Photoshop

Afternoon activity: dig out the unused wooden artist’s model from the cupboard and do some macro photography. Then go crazy in Photoshop. The collection in the 2017 Flickr album.

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