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Liking the hit rate

I was up until 2am last night working through the new film shots: rescan and tidy up in Photoshop. Overall I was very pleased with the results (see the gallery Mono December 2016 35mm), i.e good contrast and the right exposure. In terms of a hit rate, from 36 images 21 of them were certainly satisfactory for my standards. 

So lessons I can take from this? Take more time thinking and composing the shot, even if digital images are free. The other thing I liked was the more natural feel you get from a 50mm lens, ie. on barrelling (wide angle’s effect), or weird background forshortening (zoom’s effect). I think a 50mm prime lens will be my next DSLR treat in the new year. 

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Getting it out there

So I’ve set up the blog, added content and am enjoying writing about what I’ve been up to with the camera, but other than the benefits of reflection, sharing the stuff with the outside world seems a better proposition. This is what the internet is for, right? 

If I get any feedback on my work, generate some discussion, or if I can offer up any tips or advice (not that I much to give so good luck with that one), then mission accomplished. 

This isn’t my day job, it’s just something I like doing so very happy to share my interests with anyone who stumbles along. 

Anyway, to start to get 404i.com more visible I’ve started the tweet: @404i is the one to follow.

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New scanner fun

Christmas has finally come and my present is Jumbl 22Mb film scanner. I’ve not used up the film in the Minolta yet so I dug out an old film from 1984 (or there about) and scanned a few in – see the 35mm section (Old Photos 1984). The results are better than the flat bed scanner (and much quicker to process) but the resolution not amazing, but I think will be good enough. 



St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh

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Return to PRINCE2 – better than I remembered too

About 4 years ago I qualified as a┬áPRINCE2 Practitioner. Returning to work the following week I was fired up and ready to get everything running in this way. And yet, some how, it never quite works like that. The projects we worked on were too small in terms of several work packages across numerous customers in a semi-agile environment. Yes PRINCE2 can be used with Agile, and in theory no project is too small, but realistically there’s too much supporting documentation and processes to keep on top of it all, especially is being a PM isn’t everything you have to doing during the day.

Nonetheless, I still cherry picked items like incident logging, daily logs etc… The key however is the Business Case, but again, when commissioned to do a piece of work for a customer the business case is their document – us accepting to do the work is more to do with service management than project management.

What interested my most was the alignment and crossover of business analysis and PRINCE2, or rather, the activities of the BA and the PM – seemingly often the same person in smaller organisations or projects. The Business Case again featuring highly for both roles. For interest I looked around for articles/papers that discuss PRINCE2 and the BA:

http://www.somos.com/resources/know/articles/11112101 (BA and PRINCE2)

And for completeness
http://eprince2.com/articles/prince2-is-agile/2011/03/17/ (PRINCE2 and Agile)

http://businessanalystlearnings.com/blog/2013/4/21/traditional-to-agile-the-role-of-bas-in-agile-projects (BA and Agile)

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