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ePortfolio Analytics: what to do with it all that data?

Recently I was at a conference (AMEE 2012) in Lyon on the subject of education in medicine and the healthcare professions where I presented an analysis of web usage data derived from Google Analytics and from a snap-shot (96 hours) […]

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Return to HTML 5

After reading a short article about HTML 5 (http://t.co/L9yVHEm7) and learning of it’s increasing use as a means of not only producing feature-rich web pages but also for creating apps that can run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. […]

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At the Service Desk and IT Support Show 2012

At the Service Desk and IT Support Show at Earl’s Court, London last week (24th/25th April 2012) seeing what’s on offer on from the various software vendors, and to see what the hot topics in ITSM are. Here’s an edited […]

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Getting social

On Wednesday I attended a Gartner organised event about social media and specifically a strategic approach towards understanding and using social media. According to Gartner they believe (and they know what they’re talking about) social media will be more disruptive […]

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And then there’s everything else to do

The inevitable delays start arriving in the form of too many other things to do and risk losing momentum on this project. Two issues are in my mind that need to be made aware of in order to avoid the […]

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Request: more hours in the day please

The inevitable happens and other duties get in the way of The Plan. Despite setting aside 50% of my time to ITIL work somehow this amount of time never quite fully materialises. Of course there are days where more than […]

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