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Posts By: Tim R P Brown

When are you converted?

Just some thoughts regarding the concept of conversion, i.e. the moment when you go to a web site and do the thing they want you to do. Quite what that is depends on the site of course: Amazon want you […]

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Social services

An interesting webinar today – the service desk and social IT:

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Bootstrap bootcamp

Sometimes you hear a short comment between 2 developers along the lines of “there’s a good tutorial about bootstrap at …” and having no clue as to what they were talking about (not unusual these days) I gave it no […]

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The Zendesk cometh

Getting a bit (even just a little bit) excited about help desk software doesn’t seem very healthy, but there you go: it’s looking very likely that we’re going to go with Zendesk as our service desk solution. T0 begin with […]

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Back to code: hello to VS 2012 and MVC 4

My exposure to coding is limited these days, as part of my day job at least. I still knock out the odd bit of c# as part of a windows app form generating a data extract that exceeds my SQL […]

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Satisfied? Options for social support

We have a large number of users in the ePortfolio, many with extensive knowledge and experience of both the software and the processes it supports. So how do we facilitate the sharing of this knowledge to the benefit of all? […]

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