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Potatoes ain’t what they used to be

A day in Fife. Leaving Glasgow at 7am in the rain and darkness it was little wonder that I didn’t think to throw the camera into the boot of the car. By the time I’d reached the Kincardine bridge the […]

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Just testing the Facebook feed from WordPress

How to place a post in Facebook

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New lens and back to RAW

This week I took delivery of a new lens for the Sony a57 – a Minolta 50mm 1.7 AF prime. Small, light and relatively cheap (50mm usually are for some reason) I got to play with the new but of […]

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Getting it out there #2

I’ve noticed recently that Instagram is becoming more commonly referred to as a standard of social media (rather than just Facebook and Twitter). I’ve had an account for a couple years but rarely ever posted to it, or even looked […]

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How they compare

So why bother film? If you compare digital and 35mm of the same subject the most obvious thing to note is that the digital image: it is sharper, the colours are truer, it took less time to compose and take (as […]

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For Comparison

So here are DSLR (actually SLT but let’s just stick with what we understand) versus 35mm (both via Photoshop):   It should be noted that the Minolta was on a tripod, the Sony hand held , a few inches above […]

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