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Just one more camera then…

I really do have enough cameras already, so did I need another? Well I was curious as to why people like rangefinders so much, a Leica M series are all over £500 yet you can get R series SLRs for […]

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The Grain in Spain

I finally used up a roll of (rather expensive) Kodak Tmax P3200 that had been in the Nikon for far too long (switching to colour for that camera now). I developed with Rodinal (1:25, 8 mins) which isn’t ideal (X-Tol […]

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Leica in Action

In the month since taking possession of the R6 and 4 film have been shot and processed (XP2, HP5, XP2, XP2). Now developed, tickled in Photoshop, and into Flickr. Roll 1 – A number taken on Dumgoyne – a steep […]

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Dreams do come true

One significant birthday later and look what I got… I can’t afford a Summicron-R 50mm lens just yet (min £300 I would say), so have an Adaptall2 SP 28-80mm (027A) for the time being. Give it a year or 2. Two […]

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A Nice Problem to Have

I realise that I appear to suddenly be in possession of many cameras: Sony a57 (my only digital), Minolta x300, Nikon F3, Zenit EM, Holga 120N, Brownie 6C, and from next month (following a significant birthday), a Leica R6. Honestly, […]

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You can’t have too many cameras – especially if one of these

Out for meal last night with some friends and I start talking about how I want to get a Leica for my birthday, and that I’ve just bought a Holga, and I’ve been unsuccessfully bidding on eBay for Minolta X-700’s […]

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